This project demonstrates how a more powerful and accessible IoT can be achieved through oneM2M-driven service standardization and a combination of various low-power and low-energy radio technologies.


OpenObservatory offers a low-cost sensor platform to developers of intelligent systems for smart cities, among others.

Energy Harvesting for Sensor systems

This project aims to determine the technological limits of autonomous wireless sensor systems that are fed with environmental energy.


IPv6 for Low Power Local Area Network: a communication protocol for low power embedded systems.


A combined GP-GPU/FPGA desktop system for accelerating image processing applications (GUDI)


Intelligent Distributed Environmental Assessment (IDEA)


Zaffer Products Domotics Development.


CORNET PROJECT: Dynamic Hardware Reconfiguration in Industrial Applications.


STRES: Secure techniques for remote configuration of embedded systems

Project e-VAL

Exploitation of skills and valorisation of learning for a better professional integration and visibility

Reconfigurable Computing Systems Project

The aim of a reconfigurable computing system is to alter its computing architecture in a dynamical way. By using dynamic reconfiguration, the best performing (sub-)circuit can be activated at run


MAssive Calculations on Hybrid systems.