IPv6 for Low Power Local Area Network: a communication protocol for low power embedded systems.

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In this project we study the possibilities and limitations of an IP-based protocol for wireless technology 802.15.4, namely 6LowPan. It is a rather new, open standard and low cost protocol that allows to send IPv6 packets, on top of the 802.15.4 radio signals. Since this is IP-based, no additional layer or logic is required for communication with a node on or off the network. This is a big advantage compared to the Zigbee protocol, which also requires licenses. As an application, we plan to build some IP-based wireless sensor and actuator networks that will control the automation of wireless systems linked to electrical devices. The network is then available from a server, on which the status of the various nodes can be monitored and checked. Various challenges related to, among other things, energy consumption and security aspects will be examined. The system will be extensively evaluated according to various parameters such as user-friendliness, range, scalability, cost and energy consumption. The target group of companies includes developers of home automation systems, network consultancy companies, developers of web services, chip developers, companies that supply products that can be used in the network, developers of security solutions, etc.