Project e-VAL

Exploitation of skills and valorisation of learning for a better professional integration and visibility

    • Environmental Monitoring, Previous projects

The INDI Department of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences has extensive experience in ICT and platform development. Several technologies have already been tested, used and improved in the context of research projects. The VUB will participate in all the inventory, training, technical supervision and experimentation activities that punctuate the e-VAL project. The VUB’s dedicated staff will engage in the various actions and missions in Europe and Morocco (training missions and international seminars). The VUB will supervise the finalization of the drafting of the specifications for the e-VAL platform. The VUB is also organizing the training on design tools for the e-VAL platform (WP.3). It will play an important role in the development of the tools of the e-VAL project and can also be an important added value in the validation phase. In particular, the VUB will participate in the international training workshop for the e-VAL platform organized at the UIR.